Open –Free – Public Archaeological Cultural Park

         THE PLATON ACADEMY     


Fight for Quality of Life

       We defend the public affairs; we create communities of active Solidarity.

The archaeological area of Plato’s Academy district has always been a public field, a social product for citizens of Athens. The park was designated through multiform and persistent struggles of the district inhabitants, aiming at its real and sustainable enhancement.
Here, at the place where the first free university of the world worked by Plato,  lies the inner and outer part of the archaeological park that ought to be designated as a point of reference for cultural and knowledge production.

Once more, the Archeological Area of Plato’ s Academy became a target of big, visible and invisible, Greek and international vested interests that scope to the direct or indirect privatization, under  the pretext of the general and vague term of ‘development ’.
All of us insist that there is another way.
The Inhabitants’ Committee organizes a 2-days action on the 30 and 31st March, for everything that belongs to us and is about to be sold off.
With the participation of:
Popular assembly of Kolonos– Sepolia- Plato’s Academy districts, ‘Solidarity through Knowledge’ Net in Politia, Collaborative Café-European Villages, Folk Association ‘Perperuna’, Politropon Technis, The Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife ‘ANIMA’ ,  Cultural Organization ‘EOS art’, Quilombo Culture Centre, The Association ‘Ev Prattein’ and the ‘Istofwno’ Radio 

·      Our goal is to keep the Park public, free and open by upgrading its archeological character.  A place of knowledge and civilization.
·      To promptly construct the Museum of the city of Athens at Plato’s Academy.
·      To provide free access to the repository of the 250000 archeological findings to archeologists, scientists, students and researchers.
·      To prohibit the construction of the mall at the old Muzaki factory; an action that will financially and environmentally rampage the area from Peristeri district to the city centre.
·      To make them branches of the philosophical universities and philosophy research centers.
·      To do research, as well as renovation work on a wide scale at the district of Plato’ s Academy with the Park being the center of attention.
·      To create free space for Greenery and sports, cycling tracks and playgrounds.

                   WEEKEND,  30th and 31st  March, 12.00 to 17.00

                                                                                                        Habitants Committee of Plato’s Academy

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