Inhabitants’ Committee of Plato’s Academy District
Dear friends,

  The Archeological Museum of Plato’s Academy district, an area of 130 m2 of greenery has been put in jeopardy. Despite their intentions, the state and the governments have left a place of worldwide range and importance to perish. The Inhabitants have brought the importance and the need for the enhancement of the Archeological Park at the surface through multiform fights during the past few years.

  The Inhabitants have suggestions which have been highlighted in various ways.   Instead of exploiting the Archeological Park for the benefit of civilization, knowledge and public benefit, the government, the bodies in charge and the municipality of Athens prefer to abandon it to vested interests.
   Ascertaining the disastrous plans that are hatched and considering that the Archeological Park is the citizens’ property handed down to them, the inhabitants’ committee insists on its protection; on its salvation; on its advancement and improvement.
  The Inhabitants’ Committee, along with the participation of ten more bodies of the district, organizes two days of multiform actions at the Archeological Park at the 30th and 31st March. Having the Park that we want as a central slogan:
Open- Free- Public Archeological Museum of Culture.
  We oppose to the privatization plans for the park. We oppose to the plans for delivering it to international fund vested interests that plan the construction of a giant mall, claiming that they will ‘develop’ the Αarcheological Area and the future museum of the city of Athens. 
  The Inhabitants’ Committee is inviting you to cover the 2-days action of the Inhabitants’ Committee, along with the ten more bodies of the district.
The 2-days action will include conversations, presentations, children’s playing, theatrical performances, speeches, concerts, actions of mild exercising, collective cooking and the presentation of the Movement without middlemen. 
  The main demonstration will take place on Sunday, 31st March at 12.30, with the surrounding of the Park.  
  A symbolic action for the protection of the self-evident in our country;
Of the archeological site of Plato’s Academy.

 PS. An announcement with our suggestions for the Archeological Area of Plato’s Academy is attached.

Thank you very much

For the Inabitants’ Committee
Μatina Papachristudi, Journalist    0030 6972 623 741
Lila Kogu, Literature Teacher   0030 6949724227
Aggeliki Gazi, Assistant professor at the Technology University of Cyprus 0030    697480030

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